REVOPOINT’s new affordable handheld scanner lets you easily turn large objects into accurate 3D models

The Revopoint RANGE makes use of the company’s new infrared structured light projector, which captures a large area of 360mm x 650mm (at 600mm distance), allowing you to scan objects as massive as an entire car or a room in just a few minutes. The RANGE works as both a fixed or a handheld scanning device, recording both 3D and color data to provide an accurate model with precision of up to 0.1mm, as well as accurate color information. The models you scan can then be used in the metaverse, for reverse engineering and modeling, or even for 3D printing, covering a wide variety of applications across a whole host of industries.

Designer: Revopoint Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $474 $729 ($729 off). Hurry, only 184/700 left! Raised over $1,300,000.

The benefit of the Revopoint RANGE lies entirely in its name. The device has a scanning area of 360mm x 650mm (that’s nearly a 1.2ft x 2ft bounding box), allowing you to cover large grounds in less time. The RANGE also uses a state-of-the-art dual camera system, with a projector emitting invisible infrared light to offer scans at even higher accuracies than scanners that use lasers or blue light. The fact that the light projector emits invisible light makes the RANGE perfect for scanning humans and animals too. Hold the Revopoint RANGE as close as 300 mm (12 inches) or as far as 800 (31 inches) from your subject, and its ability to work as rapidly as 12-18 FPS means you can scan an entire human in under 2 minutes, or an interior setting in just a handful of minutes, complete with color information, and accuracies of 0.1mm. RANGE also lets you scan transparent and reflective objects, thanks to a scanning spray that creates an opaque film on the object, and then disappears entirely in just a few hours.

Future of Interior Design – Deliver impressive interior design customization by scanning furniture, fittings, or even whole rooms and creating full-color vivid 3D models for use in interior design software like DreamPlan or MagicPlan.

Streamlined Car Modeling – You can quickly capture and measure the exact dimensions even when scanning complicated geometric surfaces.

Capturing History – Its handheld scanning mode, lightweight, and compatibility with iOS and Android devices make it a portable, versatile tool capable of capturing large artworks without needing to move or touch them.

From Head to Toes in Under 2 Minutes – Simplify the creation of human 3D models for video games, AR, and VR applications with the whole body and head scan done in under two minutes.

Accurate 3D Models – With a single-frame precision of up to 0.1mm and a point distance of up to 0.3mm, the RANGE’s new dual IR cameras with aspheric lenses reduce image aberrations and ensure that the micro-structured infrared light evenly reaches the sensors.

It’s a Colorful World – RANGE’s RGB camera can capture an object’s color as you scan, ready to be merged with the 3D model after meshing the data to create accurate fully-colored, nearly lifelike 3D models.

These scans can then be used in a whole host of industries. The highly precise models are perfect for reverse engineering, modifying, and upgrading. Transportation designers can use these models to run simulations, upgrade designs, do wind tunnel tests, while workshops could use these models to create custom panels and trims. Interior designers could create an entire 3D bank of furniture and decor that can then be placed in virtual rooms to understand how they look. Models can be edited, with colors, textures, and materials altered. The color information captured by the scanner proves highly valuable to animators too, who can directly scan humans and rig them without spending hours and days painting on layers of skin, hair, eyes, clothes, etc. The output models can even be 3D printed, either in a single-material filament or in full color!

Scans Made With the Range

The Revopoint RANGE is designed to be universally applicable, versatile, yet affordable. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and in handheld or stand-mounted formats. Using a stabilizer along with the RANGE offers better control and faster scanning, while Revopoint also supplies large turntables for big objects, with weights of up to 200kgs (441lbs). The RANGE starts at just $328 (thanks to a 55% discount for super early bird backers), rivaling their popular POP2 and MINI models, which had an average starting price of $799. The Revopoint RANGE is compatible with Windows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, and Mac devices, and requires just a USB cable for power and data transmission.

Click Here to Buy Now: $474 $729 ($729 off). Hurry, only 184/700 left! Raised over $1,300,000.