The strongest fleece on the planet will get tougher as it’s colder, protecting you from -179°C cryogenic cold

If you’re planning a trip to space anytime soon, you probably need a super strong jacket that can withstand the cold to wherever you may go. I mean of course, you’ll be wearing a spacesuit but what if one day we’ll be able to hang out on the surface of a planet without needing that? You’ll still probably need a jacket, for example, if we can someday live in Saturn since Titan, their largest moon, is cold. Like cryogenic level cold. We’re still years, maybe decades or a century away from living elsewhere but people who live in really cold parts of the world need a pretty good and durable jacket.

Designer: Volleback

The Titan Fleece jacket claims to be one of if not the strongest in the world, not just in protecting you from the cold but also some conditions that may cause damage or abrasions to your jacket. A fleece jacket is normally pretty easy to rip or shred, even though it is pretty warm and comfortable. So they needed to add some other materials to make it stronger, like the fiber Dyneema, a material normally found on the side of tanks, and reinforced with a material made from high-tenacity nylon and is waterproof, lightweight, and triple-layered.

While it is the “world’s toughest fibre”, Dyneema isn’t the softest or cuddliest. So they had to heat, stretch, and break the material over and over until it became thin enough and then they spun it with polyester and elastane. The result is a honeycomb structure that is 3-dimensional and looks like it came from outer space. The jacket then becomes futuristic-looking with its textured look with the fleece, Dyneem, and nylon all bringing comfort and protection not just from the cold but from abrasions, extreme weather conditions, scratches, etc.

The Titan Fleece jacket also has a magnetic mechanism in the zipper that will let you open and close it easily even when you’re wearing thick gloves. It even has a pull cord that lets you do it up if you just have one hand free. There are also pockets all over the jacket, some oversized, so you can keep things in it and they have water resistant zippers and metal snap fasteners. This is basically a jacket that you can wear while climbing a mountain during winter and when someday we’ll be able to go to Titan and/or Saturn.