This modern, minimal showerhead and bath spout are inspired by The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is one of those books that I dreaded when it was required reading in school but I grew to appreciate later on when it was “leisurely” reading. It is a good book to make you think about the role of women and the expectations society has upon us as well as various mental health issues including sanity (or insanity), depression, pain, etc. While it is indeed a classic, never would I have thought that it can actually inspire a bathroom accessory.

Designer: Annabella Hevesi

This unique concept for a showerhead and bath spout is named after the book that inspired it. The Bell Jar is a showerhead with a hidden cable and a fixed adaptor that can turn it into a calmer and single water spout in case you want to take a bath instead of a shower. The designer says she was inspired by the allegory from the book about the human condition and the main character’s state of mind. The flow of the water that goes through the bell jar design depends on what you need: practicality (showering) or purification (bathing).

So if you need to shower, you lift the showerhead out of the adaptor and you get the usual rain shower kind of flow, giving you a hopefully refreshing and cleansing time. There’s a cable or tube that lets you adjust the shower head to the height that you need. When you need a single water jet to fill your bathtub or if you prefer a calmer water source, you put the shower head back into the bell jar and the single stream comes out of the bottom.

This contraption looks very minimalist and feminine, matching the atmosphere and theme of the book that it’s named after. I may not have a bath to fill up with the single stream but I’d love to have the option for a calming rain showerhead and then a rejuvenating and purifying stream of water.