This sleek electric toothbrush uses a MagSafe-inspired magnetic wireless charging dock

You have to admit, MagSafe was always a little too impressive. Aside from being convenient (you don’t need to align ports and chargers, or worry about whether the jack is plugged in), MagSafe was just satisfying. A simple snapping sound would tell you that your device, be it your MacBook or your iPhone, was securely connected to the charger. Why am I talking about MagSafe in a piece that’s very clearly about a toothbrush? Because the Mode Electric Toothbrush comes with that same reliably convenient snapping action. Meet Mode – a slick-looking toothbrush that charges as easily as it cleans your teeth. Armed with a magnetic dock that plugs right into a standard socket, Mode lets you snap the toothbrush onto the dock when you’re done brushing. Once it snaps in place, not only does it conveniently stay there till you need it again, it also charges its batteries so you’re at 100% always, all the time.

Designer: Enlisted Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $165. Hurry, limited stock!

Mode quite rightfully ditches wires entirely with its design. Wires are clumsy, and in the bathroom, even more so. Mode simply comes with a magnetic dock that plugs into a socket, keeping your toothbrush at hand’s length. It doesn’t clutter your bathroom countertop and given most basins have plug points located nearby (for hairdryers, shavers, etc.), the Mode remains conveniently within access.

The toothbrush embodies a visual cleanliness that feels incredibly modern, opting for a matte black finish with no frills, overtly ergonomic curves, flashy bristles, etc. The brush looks undeniably sleek to the extent of feeling futuristic and comes with an aluminum body, rubber grip, and soft tapered bristles that vibrate at 38,000 times per minute to remove plaque and debris from your teeth and gums gently but effectively. To ensure maximum use, Mode’s detachable bristle-head lets you replace your bristles periodically, increasing your electric toothbrush’s overall lifespan while reducing plastic and e-waste.

Mode’s dock, however, is perhaps the area of design intervention that feels the most impressive. The dock securely holds your brush after you’re done, charging it simultaneously. Got switches or plug points coming in the way? The dock rotates 90°, turning horizontal so your brish doesn’t end up blocking anything else. The most impressive bit? A backlight built into the dock automatically activates in the dark, turning your Mode toothbrush into an ambient night-light of sorts, so you’re never fumbling around in the dark for switches!

The patent-pending Mode toothbrush is built to be IPx7 waterproof, while the dock itself is IPx4 splash-resistant. A full charge gives you 30 days of use, so you can pack the Mode brush into your travel kit and go on a holiday without needing to carry your dock along with you. For $165, you can snag the brush and dock as a one-time purchase, or opt for a subscription package for $150 which allows you to buy replaceable heads every 3 months for just $10. The Mode Electric Toothbrush comes with a 30-day risk free trial period, and a lifetime warranty on the product.

Click Here to Buy Now: $165. Hurry, limited stock!