L’Epée’s WWII grenade-inspired table clock substantiates perpetuity of time and unpredictability of life

Life is so unpredictably unexpected! While you don’t need a ticking timebomb under your seat to remind you of that; luxury watchmaker L’Epée thinks a pinned grenade should sit on your desk to substantiate the perpetuity of time and unpredictability of life.

To that accord, L’Epée 1839 has toured back in time to realize the Grenade clock, which borrows its essence from the historical MKII grenade linked to misdeeds from World War II.

Designer: L’Epée 1839

Generally, the word grenade instills a sense of fear and discomfort but the L’Epée’s Grenade is a comforting testament of horology meeting art at its inventive best.

Placed on the table, this 5-inch-tall clock is nearly the size and dimension of the actual MKII grenade, and a reminder of its historic inclination. A timepiece worth its aesthetics, the L’Epée’s Grenade clock features a vertical movement in the center (visible in its entirety) that runs the two black-colored rotating aluminum disk on top: one displaying the hours and the other denoting elapsed minutes.

A grenade without its safety pin would be worth its faded life in time. L’Epée Grenade clock ensures it is instinctively built on a live grenade core with a pin that pulls out to set the time or to wind its movement for an eight-day time cycle.

If the appearance of a grenade on your desk is not going to be a put-off; the Grenade clock should find its place on your work table as a subjective reminder of the unpredictable life and its passing phases. To match up with your mood and décor, the clock is available in eight color options with each limited to only 99 examples.