2-in-1 Spin Cycle and Rowing Machine lets you easily switch between both forms of Workouts

Aptly titled the ‘Spin&Row’, this award-winning gym-machine concept lets you work your cardio and legs while cycling, and your arms and core while rowing. Designed to offer people the best of both worlds, the Spin&Row was created during the pandemic, when exercising at home was practically the only feasible option available to people. Moreover, its X-shaped folding design lets it easily occupy less floor space when shut, making it perfect for homes and apartments.

Designer: Zhang Chaoyi

“SPIN&ROW combines two popular types of home fitness equipment: a rowing machine and a spinning bike”, says Zhang Chaoyi, designer of the Spin&Row and student at Hunan University. “It enables the user to switch between fitness modes by adjusting the angle of the X structure, which can also be folded when not in use. As a result, it fulfills multiple fitness functions in a small space.”

The Spin&Row’s clever design gives it the best of all worlds. For starters, it comes with a scissor-style mechanism that allows it to open wide into a low-seated rowing machine, or in an X-shaped stationary bicycle, or closed shut, occupying practically the same amount of floor space as a doormat. It’s designed to be operated by a single person and doesn’t really need any instructor or supervision. The Spin&Row’s frame guides you through setup, allowing you to snap it in any of the three positions, and an adjustable cycle seat lets you tailor the experience to your ergonomics.

The Spin&Row is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2021.