This autonomous robot acts as a passenger guide while disinfecting the public transport system!

An autonomous fleet of AI robots that disinfects precarious surfaces of public transport systems like metro coaches, and also guides passengers in and out of the station through the least crowded pathways.

The ongoing pandemic has radically shifted our perspectives when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene. No matter how hard we try to avoid the crowd, at some point in time, we have to head in the hot zone – public places in particular or use public transport. Such locations are the breeding ground for viral infections and COVID-19 of course. This is where autonomy can help so that nothing is left to chance and pathogens breeding in the hard-to-reach surfaces are cleansed for good.

Meet the CLEANSE robot designed by Yifeeling Design for sanitizing public places such as metros or malls. This autonomous robotic rig moving on independent driven wheels greatly reduces the risk of air-borne diseases in public transportation – subways in particular. It sets into action as soon as the metro train arrives at the station by first guiding the passengers to the exit through the station by analyzing the least crowded locations and choosing the path accordingly.

Another fleet of CLENASE robots disinfects each coach during the metro train’s halt at the station – ensuring that every nook and corner of the transportation system is free from any chances of the next batch of riders getting infected. This smart mechanism is paramount in ensuring not even a single passenger gets infects and further spreads the infection to other random people.

The smart robot is loaded with sensors and cameras to navigate during the course of its cleaning and passenger guiding regime. In the guiding role, the passengers can choose their destination from the interactive display on top of the robotic machine. For the cleansing role, the CLEANSE robot is loaded with a mop and brush underneath to get rid of dirt and dust on the walking surface.

To disinfect the other surfaces it sprays the disinfectant from the front and side nozzles. When it runs out of juice, the robot automatically hooks onto the charging bay at the station to get ready for its routine tasks!

Designer: Yifeeling Design