This luxury vinyl flooring made from a renewable material derived from paper pulp saves carbon emissions by 90%

It’s 2023 and almost everything is going sustainable. Rather than being a trend, and associating it with all kinds of designs, sustainability has slowly but surely become a necessity. If we’re incorporating sustainability in almost every aspect of our homes and lives, then why not add flooring to the bandwagon as well? British flooring company Amtico recently released the Amtico Bio. The Amtico Bio is a bio-attributed luxury vinyl tile, created using a renewable raw material derived from paper pulp. This biomass comes from responsibly managed forests, which are specially maintained for the paper pulping industry.

Designer: Amtico

This renewable raw material is one of the organic by-products of the paper pulping process, and can be transformed into ethylene, and then finally into vinyl, which is used as flooring. This technique cuts down carbon emissions by almost 90 percent, in comparison to the conventional luxury vinyl tiles, commonly known as LVT, which are rated high on carbon emissions. Amtico utilizes a rather interesting approach when it comes to manufacturing luxury vinyl tiles – a bio-attributed or “mass balance” one. In layman’s language, this means every time an order for the Amtico Bio is placed, the total amount of renewable material required to produce it, is added to the company’s production process. The tiles are created from a mix of fossil and bio-based raw materials, but the materials are separated during bookkeeping, making Amtico Bio a certifiably sustainable product, which is independently audited by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). This basically allows Amtico to balance the amount of renewable PVC with the amount of low-carbon flooring they can make. “This ensures our bio-attributed flooring is affordable and accessible for everyone, as well as supports the next step in PVC’s sustainability journey,” said Amtico marketing director Holly Johnson.

Amtico’s unique approach allows the Amtico Bio to be specified with the large range of Amtico’s preexisting products – such as the Amtico Signature, Spacia, and Form collections. These are available in standard-sized planks as well as tiles, so you can pick the configuration that works best for your living/office space. Amtico claims that the Amtico Bio is the flooring of the future!