These avant-garde power strips are beautiful enough to supplement as home decor

When you think of home decor, your mind instantly wanders to the more obvious things like tables, chairs, sofas, curtains, lamps, etc… but what you tend to forget are the little details like switchboards, power strips, cable management, etc. Sure, you could argue that they don’t really classify as home decor, but they do occupy visual space in your home, and the last thing you really need is an ugly power strip sitting between your expensive sofa and the ornate side table beside it. These conceptual power strips, however, take a more sculptural route with their design. They sport an almost Bauhaus-inspired art-deco outer design, and conceal the sockets on the inside that can be accessed by pulling out the drawers to reveal the hidden sockets.

Designer: Chaeree Gim

Dubbed the A’union, these series of power strips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, sporting anywhere from two to four outlets each. Depending on the requirement (based on the space you’ve got), the outlets can be placed on floors, tables, or shelves to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your place. When not in use, the A’union look like a part of the decor, feeling almost like an ornate sculptural element like a zen candle or incense holder. Strangely enough, their appeal lies in the fact that they look nothing like you’d expect them to. In a way, they do to power strips what Nest did to the ugly world of thermostats.

I personally like the fact that the sockets are hidden from view most of the time. Plug points are highly utilitarian engineering details, and given the option, I’d conceal them too. The A’union uses a slide-out drawer-style design that lets you pull out ‘as many points as you need’. Some designs offer two plug points per sliding drawer, giving you more outlets in a design that’s fun to look at and interact with.