Hear better in style at crowded places with the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus earbuds

The inability to hear a conversation clearly in a crowded or noisy place may not always be an outcome of the environment. Get your hearing ability tested!

A visit to an audiologist can show you the light but clipping a hearing aid behind the ear is so embarrassing. Thankfully, unless you’re deep into the medical condition; trendier, wireless earbuds-style hearing aids are available over the counter. Adding to the options, Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus is a new entrant, aligned directly at people with slight hearing abnormalities.

Designer: Sennheiser

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing enhancement earbuds have become increasingly relevant since the consumer audio kingpins, Jabra and Bose, made ripples in the market with their versions of hearing aids targeted at people with low or moderate hearing loss. The overwhelming response was a result of competitive pricing and aesthetics that overpowered stigma or hesitation of clipping a conventional hearing aid behind the ear.

Modeled with little altercations in the assembly lines, OTC hearing aids are not essentially meant to replace the audiologist-recommended options following complicated hearing tests. These are proposed to look like a regular pair of true wireless earbuds and function as one (literally or figuratively, as the maker desires) to enhance the audio-consuming capability of the wearer.

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus looks pretty similar to a wireless pair of earbuds from the consumer audio giant. However, to function a little above an average pair of earbuds – as a hearing aid – the Conversation Clear Plus features a Sonova Chip. Sonova is a market-setter in the hearing industry. At the heart of the earbuds, the chipset propels the device into a medical aid category to help wear decipher conversations clearly in noisy environments.

Besides the exterior appearance, Sennheiser’s OTC hearing device also shares a few earbuds’ features. In addition to reducing the background noise (similar to ambient noise cancellation) for clarity, it is capable of streaming music or audio from a paired smartphone. It comes with a dedication app that provides user three pre-set options to better tune the Conversation Clear Plus for individual requirement.

Relax, Communication and Steaming pre-sets help enhance hearing efficiency. From the app, customize the amount of background noise to block in Relax mode. Fine-tune the background noise cancellation further during direct communication or while using the device as regular earbuds. All these nuances of the $850 Conversation Clear Plus are backed with nine hours of power backup. The earbuds will come with a portable case, which extends battery life up to 27 hours. Conversation Clear Plus, Sennheiser informs will be available for pre-order starting today.