These quirky bottles explore the iconic silhouette of wine bottles by mimicking the outline

Introducing you to your drink’s new best friend – the Cool Line Liquor Bottle series… It’s not your ordinary bottle; it’s a magician’s hat of sorts, hiding not one, not two, but four secret compartments for your favorite drinks. Crafted from durable stainless steel and lined with a safety coating, it’s as tough as it is reliable. Amping up your indoor and outdoor parties and catering to varied choices in a compact form.

Designer: Quan Yuan

At first glance, the liquor bottle appears to defy convention. Its sleek and modern aesthetic diverges from the familiar silhouette of standard liquor bottles. Yet, beyond its striking exterior lies a remarkable fusion of form and function, carefully crafted to cater to the evolving preferences of contemporary consumers.

Imagine picking up a pencil and drawing in the air. With this bottle, those lines come to life in 3D! The designer took simple lines and turned them into a cool, futuristic liquor bottle. It’s not just about looks though – it’s super practical too. By smoothly combining thick lines and introducing a novel joint mechanism, the designer transforms ordinary lines into a tangible 3D representation of a liquor bottle. You can store not one, not two, but four different types of liquor in one bottle! How cool is that?

The transformative nature of this design extends beyond its visual appeal. Each unit comprises a pair of linear tubes, offering a unique solution for housing multiple varieties of liquor. The main upper tube, equipped with a convenient screw cap, facilitates easy pouring of the main liquor. Meanwhile, the C-shaped base tube, cleverly integrated with the joint mechanism, adds an element of versatility. By simply adjusting the position and unscrewing the cap, users can access a secondary liquor stored within the base tube.

Moreover, this bottle boasts not only innovation in form but also in material composition. Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel and featuring a food-grade inner coating, it ensures both durability and safety in beverage storage. The outer packaging, comprising cardboard, EVA-base, PET sheets, and acrylic plates, further enhances its appeal as a premium product.

Behind the scenes, extensive research and experimentation have paved the way for the realization of this groundbreaking design. The designer carefully looked at lots of other bottles to see what young people like. Through iterative prototyping and 3D printing, the optimal joint mechanism and tube thickness were determined, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Undoubtedly, the journey of designing this liquor bottle was not without its challenges. The development of the joint mechanism, in particular, posed a challenging obstacle. Yet, through creativity and perseverance, the designer succeeded in creating a mechanism that allows for fluid rotation of the main tube while ensuring stability and balance.