The Joy of Biking

Flexi-Bike poses a challenge to design thinkers and engineers, but in a very good and creative way. Sporting an informative LED display, the bike is quite whimsical in its style and approach. I am not sure how feasible this design is, but for sure it is thought provoking and bound to bring about a healthy debate. So what are you waiting for… bring it on….let me know your thoughts; yay or nay?

Designer: Hoon Yoon


  • Steve says:

    Very interesting design, but what is the benefit of being able to adjust the postures of the bike? Is it jut to change the look? I don’t see anything in the presentation that explians why someone would adjust the positions.

  • Nicole says:

    This is such a cool bike. The design is for boys, not for girls.

  • I like it. It would be fun to experiment with different configurations during design. Perhaps stretched and long for distance, tall and upright for urban maneuvering. Changing on the fly would be way cool.

    Would steer away from the lcd, customer is going to bring their own gadget to the party.

  • Mill says:

    I would use those articulations only as a suspension function, with a small change of shape.

  • Noel says:

    I love the design. I hope the movable parts lock pretty firmly!

    Steve, I feel that the advantage of changing the riding position ought to have been mentioned. It was something I was looking for as well. What I imagine is that the different positions allow for different levels of comfort when riding. If you look at a mountain-bike and a road bike, there is a difference in the angle of the seat-tube, as well as the distance and height of the seat from the handle bars. Touring bikes offer a slightly more upright position than do regular road bikes and so on.

  • jay says:

    I can see a big advantage to when
    people share bikes. Like the seat
    adjustment in your car. Mom and Dad
    don’t fit the same.

    Or possibly at bike rentals where
    the range of people sizes vary.

  • @@ron says:

    I personaly think it is simply for fun.

  • Mujahid says:

    Its nice for city

  • Dan Aldrich says:

    The change of configuration is for ride comfort in city and on rougher roads. The longer the wheelbase the better the ride.

  • mommus says:

    How often do you really share your bike with someone?

    The only market I can see this appealing to is bike rental companies, however the structure of this bike will need to be solid metal to have any kind of strength, but then it will weigh more than a motorcycle.

  • mommus says:

    …it’s also worth mentioning that changing the front fork and wheel geometry, as shown in the last render, will render the bike impossible to ride.

  • veryperrysmart says:

    I would be willing to test drive that very innovative bike for you. So ingenious looking.

  • Nastasya says:

    It`s amazing disign / i`m in love/ and i`m girl)))


    I love this bike the first time I saw it posted on my FB. I want to have one and I am interested to know where can I buy one in the Philippines? Or better still on the Net?

  • Mehmet says:

    So disappointed when I read that this bike doesnt already exist: GREAT Design! Hurry up to build it: I will buy it. GREAT Design!!!

  • Dave says:

    What you need is a chartered mechanical engineer to develop this concept. Someone who loves and lives bikes…. Someone who knows needle rollerbearings, static and dynamic FEA, can use CAD such as solid works / edge….. Has plenty of experience in DFM and product design….. Someone like me 🙂

  • firoz says:

    i m from india
    how can i get this bike

  • manish arora says:

    hi I m from india
    yes it is possible to make it

  • Al Dacruz says:

    Totally agree, it’s going to provide the stimulus for creativity and progressive designing.

  • Hashim.KA says:

    Where can I buy it in India kerala

  • Frank Neubüser says:

    Very interesting design study. Most appealing is its obvious simplicity. I would understand the adjustment not only as a means to adapt to different drivers but to make the bike a foldable – and then the adjustment will be the most advanced feature of the bike. Additionally you will attract a different and even more promising clientele.
    In comparison, the display is nice but not mandatory.

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