LAYER Design’s pocketable wallet for your NFTs is the next big thing in digital assets

LAYER Design has shown the desire to be on the cusp of technologies that facilitate, and go hand in hand with cultural shifts. Now the United Kingdom-based design agency has ventured into the domain of digital currency and assets with a gadget for the geekiest of them all.

They’ve collaborated with designer Tony Fadell (Former Apple executive and cocreator iPod and iPhone) and technology brand Ledger to create a credit card-sized device to store, access and send all your cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Designer: LAYER Design

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Dubbed Ledger Stax, the crypto wallet for your intangible assets (such as secure codes, digital money and non-tangible art) is now almost two years in the making. The idea is to make it highly intuitive and easy to use with the ability to manage more than 5,500 crypto assets like coins and non-fungible tokens. As Benjamin Hubert, LAYER founder, rightly put it, “We strongly believe in a future of secure and private financial sovereignty where crypto becomes the norm.”

This pocket-friendly gadget employs an e-ink display with a wraparound touchscreen that encapsulates the front and the spine. We already know how energy-efficient e-ink displays are so we can expect a battery life of weeks or even months given one will not use it as often as a mobile device. Keeping things minimal, there is only a single button to power on or off the device, and also the body is crafted out of aluminum and has ample space to stack multiple devices courtesy of the magnetic function. The architecture used here is the same as the Nano series wallets designed by Ledger.

Ledger Stax will be mostly used for text-based things with the odd requirement to edit NFTs or use them as a lockscreen screensaver. The latter will be done in grayscale (remember it has an e-ink display) which actually looks cool. Users can also stack multiple Ledger Stax devices to keep the digital portfolio organized, and each one of them can be identified by the labeling on the spine. The Web3 apps can be explored with the accompanying app for popular platforms that can be connected to a smartphone too.

Overall, the gadget is very easy to carry with a very reassuring feel in hand thanks to the soft edges for a firm grip. The project seems progressive so far and is expected to ship by the end of March 2023. The price has been set at $299 for now and can be pre-ordered right away.