The Austria Pavilion is a climate-sensitive structure reflecting the country’s commitment for a better future

“Austria makes sense” was the slogan of the Austria Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, and as you’ll read further about it, you’ll probably understand why. Designed by Querkraft, the Austria Pavilion was deeply inspired by the iconic wind towers, and climate-regulating features of traditional Arab architecture, usually created from clay. The pavilion functions as a beautiful oasis of calm and relaxation and as an impressive experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in Austria’s most important values completely.

Designer: Querkraft

The pavilion is a multi-sensory building comprising of thirty-eight intersecting cones of varying heights. Since the structure is inspired by historical wind towers, it primarily relies on natural air conditioning. It has been placed around three green courtyards and has been equipped with a water mist system that regulates the climate naturally. At night, the clay and concrete walls absorb the coolness of the space and release it within the pavilion during the day. This has drastically reduced energy requirements by 70% as compared to buildings of a similar kind.

“In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the EXPO business, visitors to the Austrian Pavilion will find a place to slow down and relax with pleasant climate, daylight, and references to nature,” said Querkraft. They wanted to “make an intercultural contribution to the energy debate and questions of climate-sensitive building.”

Diverse room sequences with unique atmospheres have been positioned inside, and outside the pavilion. The conical clay roofs of the pavilion intersect with the canopy of leaves rustling over them to create an omnipresent and intriguing interplay of light and shadow, allowing the building to appeal to all our senses. The individual cones have been constructed from eight different fabricated parts in an igloo system. This economical utilization of materials ensures that, once the cones are dismantled, they can be reassembled and reused at a new location.

The Austria Pavilion was staged by Büro Wien, Ars Electronica Solutions, and design agency Bleed, and boasts of Austria’s outstanding cultural and technical innovations. It is also a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2022.