Orchid-shaped villa is rare beautiful combination of nature-inspired architecture and luxurious living

Orchids are some of the most famously precious plant species just for how specific their cultivation needs are. An orchid is easily 30-50 times more expensive than a rose, so it only made sense that Thilina Liyanage chose that flower as inspiration for his luxury villa design, located somewhere on the banks of a rocky creek. The Orchid Villa is a rather eye-catching jewel emerging out of the wilderness. The luxury holiday home sits away from civilization, providing its residents with the perfect getaway residence for a weekend or two. The multi-level residence comes with living quarters on the lower floor, a private pool on the terrace, and a cantilever hammock that hangs right above an adjoining lake, giving you an incredible lounging spot to watch the sunsets.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

The Orchid Villa falls perfectly into Liyanage’s nature-inspired style, but one could argue that this is perhaps one of his most beautiful pieces yet, with an aesthetic that almost perfectly balances elegance and visual commitment with spatial practicality. Sounds like a mouthful? Let me explain myself…

With the Orchid Villa, Liyanage’s done a remarkable job of fitting the proportions of a villa into the orchid shape without really any sort of compromise. The building still looks remarkably like its inspiration, with petals forming the walls and the facade on the side, and one lilting petal on the front that not only exposes the interiors, but also provides the perfect base for the hammock deck that emerges from the living quarters. It’s a beautiful building that looks exactly like the flower and serves almost perfectly as a luxury villa too.

Like almost all of Liyanage’s creations, the villa is realized using bent pieces of bamboo, assembled together to form the orchid shape. The bamboo is then clad with a translucent fabric that lets you see each individual bamboo column, almost looking like the veins in the petals of the flower. A clever use of lights allows the flower to change colors too, bringing a unique aesthetic to the overall architecture, and making it look just as beautiful at night as it looks during the day!