Frunchroom is a delightful furniture collection that looks like part of a dollhouse

Furniture is mostly seen as functional objects rather than just for show. After all, you sit on them or place items on them, and they feel like a waste of space if they remain unused for long periods of time. At the same time, however, furniture has always served a decorative purpose, which is why many antique pieces have ornate engravings or designs. Furniture has the ability to create a specific mood or atmosphere in a room. Even an interior filled with minimalist tables and chairs exudes a sense of cleanliness and tidiness. Others, however, prefer a livelier ambiance, especially in a living room, and this furniture collection definitely brings a whimsical spirit that feels like it came straight out of a dollhouse.

Designer: Adi Goodrich

The living room is one of the most important parts of the house, mostly because it’s a nexus of any and all sorts of activities. It’s often one of the first areas that guests see, and it is where they are first entertained. It’s also a place where family and friends gather for games or entertainment, and it sometimes even acts as a makeshift bedroom for someone crashing over. As such, it’s almost always where the majority of fancy decorations and furniture are located.

For those hailing from south-side Chicago, this area is also called the “Frunchroom.” It’s the front room of a house where homeowners keep their most prized possessions and where some of the best memories are made. It’s no surprise, then, that a furniture collection bearing that same name would be just as memorable and fun, calling to mind the whimsical forms of furniture meant to be used as toys, here supersized for actual human use.

The Sketti side tables, for example, have legs that look like they were cut out by children for an art project. The Reading Chair’s unusual ridged upholstery is a bit hard to wrap one’s brain around, and fortunately, it can also be removed. The Duality dining chair really does the part of evoking opposite images and feelings with its flat outer sides and scalloped underside. The combination of colors, pretty much the foundational red, green, and blue hues, strike a sharp contrast to the earthy tones of the furniture’s wooden surfaces.

Frunchroom puts a playful twist to your typical home furniture, one that is sure to enliven any living space. At the same time, the very origins of the set tell of different stories and people that the designer encountered, becoming a sort of personal diary given functional form. It makes for the perfect centerpiece of the house where memories are both remembered and made, hopefully, ones that evoke as much fun and whimsy as these furniture pieces.