This wild 5-in-1 backpack lets you stack-and-zip different modules to increase its storage capacity

Building on their absolutely game-changing modular system from 2016, Wool & Oak’s Carry-On Backpack lets you carry anywhere from one laptop to an entire weekend’s worth of luggage on your shoulders. How, you ask?? Simply by letting you attach elements to the original backpack to expand its size and storage capacity!

Remember how in Power Rangers their mecha suits could function individually, but could also attach to each other to become an ultimate mecha fighter? Wool & Oak’s design is kind of like that. Individually, the Carry-On Backpack comprises 5 separate bags that can be used as standalone units, or better yet, they can be attached together to become one cohesive ‘superbag’ that straps across your shoulders.

Designer: Johnathan Webster

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Each of the 5 bags has its own identity and uses. The Pro Backpack is your everyday laptop bag with enough storage for all your daily needs, including 19 different pockets (internal and external) for individual belongings and a separate area big enough for a 16” laptop. The Pro Backpack sits on your shoulders thanks to padded straps, and can even be carried horizontally like a briefcase… but its most impressive feature is its ability to let you strap on the Weekender Duffle to it.

The Pro Backpack

The Weekender Duffle

The Weekender Duffle is your closet-to-go providing you that much-needed extra space for all your clothes.

The Weekender Duffle is the largest of the 5 bags, with dual side access, multiple hidden pockets for storing precious belongings, and the ability to be used as a standalone duffle/backpack. However, if you want to just carry your Weekender Duffle and Pro Backpack together, you can carry them either as individual units (boring!) or zip them together to turn them into a larger backpack that has everything from your laptop to your clothes. The Pro Backpack and Weekender Duffle combine together to become greater than the sum of their parts, giving you a power-packed, spacious bag that lets you carry all your belongings right on your shoulders without needing to check them in at the airport.

Laptop Sleeve

Toiletry Kit


The other 3 bags revolve around these two, enhancing their features and abilities. There’s a slick laptop sleeve that lets you carry just the bare basics (it slides into the Pro Backpack too, should you choose. A dedicated toiletry kit lets you carry all your liquids, creams, pastes, toothbrushes, and floss (don’t forget to floss, folks) separately from your luggage. Slide it into the duffle, or if you’re just carrying your Pro Backpack, attach it to the front of the Pro to make it look like the backpack has its own mini backpack! The final bag is a sling-style fanny pack that lets you relive the glorious 2000s and carry items like sunglasses, your wallet, phone, etc. strapped across your waist or chest.

Dual Side Access

The one extra element that makes up the Carry-On kit is an add-on premium camera cube. The folks at Wool & Oak realized that camera-folk have a very specific set of needs that don’t get fulfilled by usual bags, which is why they designed the camera cube, an optional bag that comes in black, and can be used either individually, or snugly fitted into one half of the Weekender Duffle. The cube comes with a soft protective lining, and adjustable dividers to let you manipulate the internal space to fit your gear perfectly.

Together, all the bags make up Wool & Oak’s Carry-On, or the most modular, versatile, shoulder-mounted storage system ever made. Use the bags individually when you need, or strap them together and confidently walk into an airplane knowing well that you’re gaming the system by carrying an entire travel bag on your shoulders! That way, you can fit even more into your check-in or cabin luggage, giving you the best of all worlds!

Wool & Oak’s Carry-On marks their seventh product, following a string of 6 incredibly successful Kickstarter-led luggage designs. The entire kit comes made from premium leather, available in brown or black tanned options. You can grab the backpack or the duffle for $299 and $379 individually, or as a combined set for $599. The Sling-bag, Laptop Sleeve, Toiletry Kit, and Camera Cube are all available as separate add-ons, allowing you to build the carry-on solution of your dreams!

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $799 ($200 off). Hurry, only 10/100 left! Raised over $240,000.