Cooler Master has killed it with the ORB X immersive pod that cocoons you for hours of uninterrupted work or play

The furniture industry is head over heels for designing the most comfortable workstations and rigs to make sure the home-based workforce is left with nothing but to focus on their routine. With life returning to normal after three rough years of the pandemic, seclusion and privacy are going to be two concerns each of us would want employers to address. In that scenario, a semi-enclosed cockpit with just about everything one would need for hours of uninterrupted work or play is just a dream!

Enter ORB X, designed by the gaming hardware manufacturer Cooler Master, it is meant to enhance user’s experience while working or gaming. Talk about guaranteed privacy; the ORB X has an automated motorized shuttle that cocoons the users within for utmost secrecy.

Designer: Cooler Master

The motorized dome lowers from the top to bring the screens to the user’s eye level. The ORB X accommodates multiscreen: When you’re working you can use a single 34-inch display or transition into a gaming-specific with the use of a trio of 27-inch screens.

If you have a setup with an ultrawide monitor on the desk and your game time is well covered, you probably haven’t experienced a pod before. It is a stark difference we are talking about here, especially with a semi-personal cocoon approach that doesn’t completely isolate you but creates a personal zone to call your own, yet provides an incomparable environment.

The surround sound speakers and an ergonomic recliner with multiple features enhance this immersive environment. The seating comfort for gamers and professionals manifolds sitting in the recliner is made from genuine leather with lumber support, leg rest and an adjustable headrest.

For those who don’t like it cluttered, the ORB X comes with a built-in hidden compartment to store your PC and game console. Accommodating your keyboard and mouse is a desk with built-in wireless charging and USB-C, and USB-A ports. The entire setup within the Arctic White or Universe Black ORB X is illuminated with RGB lighting. It is currently available for preorder but Cooler Master has not revealed a release date or pricing yet.