These eight conceptual chairs represent Hong Kong’s urban landscape and density

Italian designer Andrea Ponti created a collection of furniture designs called ‘Shadows in the Windows. Comprising of eight colorful and clean variations, the collection captures and represents Hong Kong’s urban landscape through two symbolic elements – a window, and a seat. The intriguing collection was displayed at Superstudio Più during Milan Design Week 2017.

Designer: Andrea Ponti

Shadows in the Windows is meant to provide a sneak peek into the hustle bustle and powerful personality of Hong Kong. Each piece in the collection features a square-shaped window frame, as well as the structure of a chair. Ponti says that the window is the architectural element that best represents urban density – the exteriors of buildings are always enmassed by windows, and they create an opening into the interiors.

At first, the windows seem to be functional and practical, posing as sturdy grids and columns. Still, as you look closer, you realize they provide a glimpse into the lives of the people behind them, which is represented by the seat or chair element of the variations. The seat projects its shadow and contour over the window, portraying the story of the people living in the buildings. Clean lines, steel structures, and ABS seats define all eight variations.

Despite the familiarities all the variations share, they’re also quite unique, and each piece has its own different pattern, shape, and orientation. The pieces represent an interesting connection between the individual, product, and urban landscape while functioning as a metaphor for urban density.