Donut Power Strip

Wait, it’s not really a power strip if it’s a donut right? Ugh, what a conundrum! I digress. The Donut “Powerstrip” by Ramei Keum solves some of my biggest annoyances with most power strips today, namely not accommodating the huge power bricks that come with many of our electric appliances. Each outlet can spin inside its socket for the best fit. The donut shape also helps to keep cabling organized.

Designer: Ramei Keum


  • Not a totally new concept (although a better looking one) except for the fact that this one has the sockets on the ring, while the others I know, have them on the center.
    I’ll give a positive note for the “Each outlet can spin inside its socket for the best fit.”

  • Ratemyideas says:

    Great! This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” invention”

    Get the donut rated here:

  • Cerberus says:

    One major drawback to this design – which is why the old versions were recalled, and then outlawed in many countries – Risk of fire!

    When a large amount of power is used , which is quite likely with 6 outlets, the cable will heat up. Having the cable wound around like this does not allow the heat to dissapate through natural convection. Instead the thermal load is trapped and heats uip the cable quicker and quicker – eventually causing the cable to melt!

    you could avoid this by completely unwrapping the whole cord each time its used, buit his sort of defeats the purpose of the design – nice try, but once again engineering issues will stop design going any further.

  • paul sandip says:

    not possible…its too thin….highly illogical design

  • naatamam says:

    good POWER

  • zut says:

    paul sandip said “highly illogical design” why?
    do you think it’s also differential design?

  • Eric says:

    Materials can fix overheating problems. Solved. Make it now. It’s a great idea, everyone tries to shoot down ideas as if they are so much smarter than the designer, well anyone can nit-pick everything. It’s the concept and idea taken into account, not how the warning label on the bottom will be written. Get over yourselves, it’s a great retake on an old idea that’s modernized it to our needs.

    • Mas says:

      well, it is not the material, but the regulation that stops the manufacturer for rounding up the wires like that….

  • Ekove says:

    This design is sooooooooo old, nothing new. We had it in Kuwait for as long as I can remember. However they don’t sell many of them anymore. Now we rather have the same stick one but the 2 holes now line up vertically instead of horizontally so instead of overlapping, everything goes to the side….

    Now, since they concept is absolutly nothing new (and I’m so surprised that some of you guy think it is, we have like 5 different ones of it laying around back home) let’s get to the design itself…It’s clearly too thin, period.

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