Apple AirPods Pro 2022 design will lose the stems, come in peppy color options

Apple’s earbuds debuted in October 2019, and since then music lovers have been longing for the next version that brings more features and design improvements. Whether at the price tag of $249, the in-ear earbuds are worth the money, given all the other better options, is totally questionable – but still, it’s an Apple

The next version of the AirPods Pro is slated to come our way this fall or later, and how they’ll look or sound is totally in the dark as of now. The global chip shortage may delay the launch to the latter half of this year – maybe even the holiday season. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a respected tipster, the earbuds will ditch the stem this time around for a more modern look and to be identifiable from the AirPods Pro.

Designer: Konstantin Milenin

In line with the leaks and speculations about Apple’s upcoming flagship earbuds, designer Konstantin Milenin has created this concept AirPods Pro 2022 model to give our imagination a tangible form. The stemless design of the audio accessories looks minimal and compact. The charging case also gets a flatter design to accommodate these little earbuds. Unlike the current version, these lay flat on their belly like a clamshell design, and don’t have an upright stance. This will mean, a lot less space needed to stash them in your pocket or keep them in the bag pack.

I would have wished for more renders of this concept design showing the innards of the charging case and even a demonstration of how the AirPods Pro 2 (yes, they could be called that) earbuds will look when plugged into the ears. Konstantin imagines these Apple earbuds to come in signature white, matte black, and royal rose gold color options. That’ll cover most of the diversified users around the world, so I’m actually looking forward to the real product when it is finally revealed.