How the most powerful chessboard is giving a centuries-old game a 21st-century upgrade

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry today, but video games come and go, regardless of how popular or revolutionary they may have been. Very few games have stood the test of time compared to chess, which has been around back when years were counted in single digits. Its simple yet challenging mechanics have endeared the game to people from all walks of life across the centuries. And despite its age, chess continues to be a favorite not only among professionals but also among hobbyists of all ages. While the game itself has more or less already reached perfection, that doesn’t mean there’s no longer any room to spice things up. Imagine an almost magical playing experience worthy of Hollywood. That’s the new kind of joy that this ingenious chessboard brings to the table, no pun intended, giving chess a fresh coat of paint that will entice and encourage even novices to pick a side.

Designer: Daniel Leibovich

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Chess pieces move on their own.

Some people see chess as a game of strategy, while others consider it more of memorizing and replaying dozens of moves. Whatever your opinion might be, the one thing that remains true is that you need someone to play it with, unless you’re a master of playing against yourself. Finding an opponent isn’t always easy, especially if you’re just starting out. Thanks to today’s technologies, that’s not really a problem anymore, especially with online or even AI opponents. GoChess, however, takes that a huge step further by turning chess into a magical Hogwarts-like experience, complete with self-moving pieces.

Your game is automatically set up.

Of course, the only magic involved here is the magic of science, specifically that of magnets and small robots underneath the chessboard that can move each piece to its target square. You might think this is just some whimsical feature, but imagine playing with someone half a world away. Rather than the boring and impersonal game on a computer or phone screen, you get to play with actual physical chess pieces and still see them move in real time as if the other person is just across you. The king even falls on its own when checkmated. The GoChess app syncs with the chessboard and lets you connect with other chess lovers and learners over popular online platforms such as and, turning the whole world into your arena.

Smart lights guide and coach you.

This ability for pieces to move on their own is especially important when playing with AI, which is your friend rather than some nefarious disembodied brain out to defeat humanity. In addition to being a worthwhile rival, the GoChess AI is also a patient and knowledgeable mentor that can guide you and challenge you as you learn the ropes. In fact, the advanced chessboard has plenty of features that aid players of all levels. Each side’s pieces light up when it’s their turn to move, providing visual cues at each turn. Picking up a piece also lights up the squares where it can land, making it easier for beginners to memorize the moves.

Despite these technological marvels, GoChess remains a work of expert craftsmanship that players will be able to appreciate. Made from fine materials and with great attention to detail, the well-designed product adds tactile and visual elegance to an already impressive chessboard. Whether you opt for the $199 non-robotic GoChess lite or the $269 GoChess 1XR with a single robot or the $359 four-robot GoChess 4XR, you will be getting a game that’s steeped in the traditions of the past, brimming with modern features, and crafted to last well into the future, providing you with enjoyment and learning for years to come.

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $279 ($80 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $2,000,000.