Not your average EDC: Mbacco’s leather wallet is an instant modern classic with a fun accordion design

In a world that’s still somehow stuck to the boring bifold or the cramped MagSafe wallet, the Mbacco Wallet offers a fun alternative. It’s compact, but still has enough space to store cards, cash, and keys… and comes with a lively accordion-inspired design that does a great job of organizing your cards and other belongings by priority or category. Although designed to hold cards, the Mbacco Wallet doesn’t have any strict rules – it’ll hold cash, keys, memory cards, and pretty much anything that’s up to 2.6mm thick and about the size of a credit card. The wallet’s fun accordion-inspired design holds anywhere from 5 to 9 cards, although it can be pushed to the limit to store as many as 12 cards without really breaking a sweat or becoming bulky like the kind of wallet George Costanza carries around.

Designer: Kristaps Krisjans for Mbacco

What’s truly wonderful about the Mbacco Wallet is that it’s the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Look at the wallet, feel it, use it, and there’s no way you’ll ever struggle with it. It has no learning curve, no adjusting to, yet it’s refreshingly new to look at and use, and feels so much slimmer than any conventional wallet. It opens just like a conventional bifold, but instead of storing cards the way a bifold does, it stores them the way a book ‘stores’ pages. This makes each card easy to view and access.

The wallet comes crafted from premium leather, with a ripstop fabric accordion on the inside and RFID-blocking lining around the perimeter of the wallet to prevent digital theft. An elastic band holds the wallet together, and disengaging the band allows the wallet to fan open to reveal its five folded sections that store your cards. Two pockets on the front and back let you stash your most used cards, allowing them to be accessed without opening the wallet at all. For other items that may be prone to falling out, the Mbacco Wallet has a secret hidden compartment that lets you stash things like keys, memory cards, even coins.

The wallet is visualized in as many as 6 colors, including two black versions just for the purists! The colors reinforce the idea that the Mbacco Wallet still sticks to tradition, but does things just slightly differently – enough to elevate the entire experience. In the near future, the Mbacco team plans to announce a series of artificial, eco-friendly leather options too.