The Exocet is a perfectly compact, handy EDC with a built-in money clip for all your everyday needs

With a tiny 1.94-inch blade, the Microtech Exocet Dagger is actually legal to carry in most states, making it the perfect EDC to have on you at all times. The dagger features an OTF-style (out-the-front) drop-point blade made from CTS 204P steel that’s perfect for piercing and carving outdoors, and doing things like opening boxes indoors. The blade retracts into the Exocet’s rather comfortably compact aircraft-grade aluminum handle, which also has a pocket clip on one side that doubles up as a money clip, letting you carry your cards, cash with you. I imagine taking out your money for a mugger would be a pretty interesting event, given that your de-facto wallet also doubles as a blade!

Designer: Microtech Knives

The Exocet is a quirky little gizmo, with its rather tiny design measuring roughly 5.6 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width. The handle, made with a robust ribbed design conceals a diminutive but mighty 1.94-inch blade that pops out of the front, thanks to a switch on the handle that provides a reliably clicky opening and closing action. The tiny blade isn’t the only unusual thing about the Exocet, it’s also the relatively wide pocket clip on its side, which Microtech designed to also double as a money clip, giving you a safe and secure place to store your Benjamins…

The Exocet Dagger comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including anodized handles and blades that create a rather alluring piece of pocket-friendly EDC. You can view all of them and choose your favorite one on BladeHQ’s website.