Amplify the zen with this meditation chair inspired by the Tibetan singing bowl

As anyone who has ever been stressed and wants to have a temporary escape from what stresses them (which is most likely everyone), a meditation or quiet room is probably something you’d like to have. But not everyone can have a spare room at home or in the office. But what if it was just a chair that you can put in the corner and give you space to get a bit of tranquility. And what if you could even get some “natural” music to go along with your de-stressing time?

Designer: Lee Ye Chan

The “Goyo” chair is an avant-garde-looking piece of furniture that gives you a space for tranquility in the middle of a busy and stressful day. It’s actually inspired by the traditional singing bowls we see Tibetan monks use for their meditation practices and special rituals. It does look like a bowl with its rounded steel shape that will enclose you and give you the calming and healing qualities associated with the bowls.

The bowl shape of the chair is punctuated by a smooth, maple wood seat and stand. The round seat is meant to engulf you and keep away all the distractions that may be bringing you stress and pain. The backrest and the seat are also angled and contoured to make it more comfortable for you to sit there and meditate and experience the healing qualities it may bring to you. You can actually strike the bowl if you want the soft, rippling sounds to resonate.

Design-wise, it does look like it belongs in a museum or in a temple. The product renders make it seem like the chair is not that comfortable but since it’s meant to be a meditation chair, surely the actual product is meant to bring relaxation and comfort. Given that it’s one of my dreams to have somewhere I can escape to in the middle of a busy day, this seems to be something I’d like to add to our office.