Ondine Bench, A Flowy One

When we think of urban spaces, it’s often about efficiency. Beauty usually plays no role in the design so the Ondine Bench is a perculiar concept. The smooth organic shape can be created by combining identical modules and arranging them into a circle. They provide a fun way for people to sit – some higher, some lower. Its modular design should make it easy and cheap to manufacture while lifting the urban environment by instilling a sense of design and beauty. Most importantly, its design is adaptable, as the designers put it;

Ondine in the city
Ondine under a tree
Ondine on the grass
Ondine by the water
Ondine under the sun
Ondine in the garden
Ondine at home

Designer: Michael Bihain & Cedric Callewart


  • Bradford says:

    I don’t know if you statements are entirely true. In urban spaces, a piece must function, or else it is worthless. As far as having no beauty, I think if you researched it a bit more you would find that statement to be wrong. In the case of your design, I don’t feel as though it is beautiful or stylish enough to warrant to decrease in functionality and efficiency.

  • ying says:

    what is this?

  • Drew says:

    i think this was designed originally purely to be a seat – the only design aspect in it is the varying heights… this concept is old and it’s an easy way to try and accommodate short and tall people. but it failed.

    if anything, the circle only seats 6 people which is not enough. Secondly, it might be curved but it is only suitable FOR short and tall people – what happened to the even spaces in between for the medium heights?

    this could have been better as a seat if the percentages of height ratios were actually considered properly based on its function. it reminds me of a sink/tap system in a restroom which tiers in a waterfall nature hence all sized people can wash hands at their ideal heights.

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