Furniture Designs that show why resin is trending on Instagram

Its raining resin, especially on Instagram! The term that you must have heard commonly is epoxy resin. Epoxy resin, a high-quality synthetic resin, was originally developed for the aerospace industry. With its unique mechanical characteristics and fantastic optical properties, it makes an elegant and captivating ingredient when used in modern luxury furniture. The unique, water-like clarity of resin combined with its toughness gives the resin finished furniture a delicate look that helps balance the bulky nature of traditional, wood-based furniture! Whether or not you have worked with resin yet, this collection is sure to inspire you to get your hands dirty, or should we say resin-y!

Wooden Ring by Pasha

Damascus EDC Tanto Knife by Stark Creations

Geode Table Series by Mrs. Colorberry

Ma Lamp by Lignum

Rivertable by Mehmet Cebar

Ocean Resin Skateboard by Cedar Woodworking

Candy-coloured resin tables by Andy Martin

The Earth Table created by putting together 50,000 year old kauri wood from New Zealand and resin by Renzo & Matteo Piano of Riva 1920

The luxury backlit furniture named the Bright Woods Collection by Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Table 04 of Crystal Series by Saerom Yoon

Midnight Tide by James