An Everyday Backpack with an Evergreen Style


For some, the backpack is a lifeline, carrying items to and from work, or to and from travel trips. The backpack’s requirements for these people are ideally functionality and durability first. For others, the backpack is an element of fashion, an everyday carry that becomes synonymous with your style statement. Outfits change every day, but backpacks seldom do, so for these people, finding a backpack that connects with them on an emotional level is paramount.

The realization that some people want style and substance in equal measures dawned on Justin Kwong, driving him to found ISM in San Francisco, a company dedicated to creating a backpack that satisfied the needs of the consumer as well as the wants. The Classic, ISM’s flagship backpack is sleek, minimal, and meant to be worn/carried with pride. Made from part nylon and part leather, the black backpack balances out fabrics and finishes, with matte, rugged nylon on the upper half, and a classic, full-grain leather clad on the bottom half.

Designed for an urban setting, the Classic comes built around your work requirements, with a dedicated space for your laptop, and separate compartments on the front for all the peripherals and accessories you’d need on a daily basis. The classic also lets you route cables outwards from inside the bag, allowing you to stash your external battery in the backpack and charge your phone outside. EVA Foam padding on the back panel and shoulder straps ensure absolute comfort while carrying your items around from point A to B. Made with metallic black/gold accented YKK zippers that complement the overall black aesthetic of the backpack, the Classic bag sports fine craftsmanship that exploits the B2C business model to deliver quality at a low price… and it comes with a 30-day trial and a lifetime warranty too!

Designers: Justin Kwong, Bertrand Guillermo & Haruna Tsuji

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Keep your laptop safe and easily accessible. Ideal for quickly claiming your spot at the coffee shop or whizzing through TSA.


Easily charge your phone with a thoughtfully designed side flap. No more living dangerously on 1% battery.



Click Here to Buy Now: $193.50 $215.00 (10% off). Hurry, offer only lasts 1 week and is limited to the first 50 YD readers! Code: Yanko10

About ISM

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