Google’s Board 65 & Desk 27 all-in-one video conferencing, touchscreen displays will make remote meetings very inclusive

As we enter 2023, we must take a moment to consider how the work landscape has changed in the past three years. Through – and beyond – the pandemic, remote and hybrid work routine has become a norm wherein every space; living room of your home or the cubicle in the office has the potential to transform into a meeting room thanks to the state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment available today.

Irrespective of many setups on the shelves, it is not as easy to get out there and take home the best one your eyes find pleasing. Different businesses/workstyles require a piece of other equipment. The idea is to finalize the capabilities of the various teams that will be, involved and the effective medium you will use. We are not getting into all the possible video conferencing applications blanketing the internet, in fact, we stick with Google Meet and the search engine giant’s own fantastic devices to make video collaboration and seamless communication possible.

Designer: Aruliden and Avocor

Enter Board 65 and Desk 27! Part of Series One Room Kit – Google Meet hardware lineup – the two devices are made exclusively for Google Workspace by Aruliden and display manufacturer Avocor to cater to all video conferencing needs of any business. Board 65 is a 65-inch touchscreen device designed for video conferencing over Google Meet in team spaces. It integrates video conferencing and digital whiteboarding solutions into one sleek device. Board 65 – given its size – can either be wall-mounted or placed on a specially-designed mobility stand to turn floor areas into collaboration spaces. It allows participants to carry out instantaneous meetings and puts integrated digital whiteboarding at any collaborator’s fingertips.

Smaller in size but equally capable, the Desk 27 is a version designed for private spaces like your cabin in the office or for the work desk at home. It features a 5MP camera and is available in two colors: charcoal and chalk. Sitting on your work table, the Desk 27 makes meeting and whiteboarding comfortable and exclusive for you while functioning as a monitor and dock for your laptop. Evident from the design and delivery, Board 65 and Desk 27 both imagine how the future meeting rooms would look and how such all-in-one devices, integrated with sound canceling technology and multiple hardware solutions, will make video collaborations more inclusive allowing participants to “connect, create, and collaborate” despite their physical location.