Foldable iPhone in Motorola Razr chassis is the mashup all Apple fans are waiting for

2022 is by far the best year for foldable smartphones: Perfected by Samsung in the fourth generation after three valiant attempts at getting that fold right and the form factor thin. While most OEMs have already got some sort of foldable smartphone on the market; Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 stands as the best in the lot, this is perhaps because Apple has not entered the waters yet.

Apple is late to jump on the foldable phone bandwagon; and rumors suggest, the Cupertino company has no intention of releasing a variant any time before 2025 either. This leaves other companies, led by Samsung, to delve deep and explore the domain. This means Apple fanboys have nothing more than their own backs to keep if they have to see how and what the iOS can do on a form factor that folds in the middle.

Designer: 科技美学

This was something a YouTuber modders had in mind perhaps before he ripped off an iPhone X (a few other models in the process) to fit its innards into a Motorola Razr chassis. The end result is a foldable iPhone that breaks the mold of the much-anticipated debut.

Since I have been following the idea of a foldable iPhone, I have been excited by the prospect. There has been nothing official for Apple on this, but rumors and possible prototypes have floated, which give us an idea. But the video in the discussion, with Chinese audio (English subtitles), does leave me in awe, even though the foldable iPhone here is way too thick to be a normal device you and I would want to carry every day.

The modded iPhone folds in half and is called the iPhone V. In addition to the folding function, the modder has been able to keep the phone pretty authentic by running iOS, and a screen as good as the Retina display. It’s an interesting concept that however substantiates the fact that foldable phones with more screen real estate look good but only if the folding mechanism and the thickness can be perfected.