Milan 2007: Marcel Wanders Personal Editions

Marcel Wanders sent us this statement regarding his Personal Editions Series showing in Milan this week.

In this installation, I wanted to go beyond the sentiments and needs of daily life to create a sense of wonder and find a new space for design. I wanted to create intimate personal objects, close to my heart, close to my hands; from my studio, straight to you.

Design is a tool that allows us to reach out and inspire, to touch other and help make lives magic and wonderful. I created a dream garden of lightness, a garden of wonders. A place in which to experience life at a different pace, of life connected to the uncertainty of new alliances, dance connected to space and sound.

Frozen flower fossils spring to life. Topiary and flowers meld, forming carefully sculpted characters. Potent, though frozen for eternity, skeletons in suspended animation, captured in pots which feed them yet keep them rooted to the spot. Silent pets waiting for a home. Private moments at home captured in blue painted skin and the frozen motion of fingers in clay, constantly creating individuality, man as machine. Girls in fancy dresses floating overhead, dressed up as silent bells absorbing the music in their ethereal dance. The shadow of the man with the golden nose is watching, as if to show us his opposite side, his inner self.

Design is the unexpected welcome.

Designer: Marcel Wanders