This umbrella’s smart patch ensures mess-free folding in 5 seconds!

Surreal, but nice (quoting Notting Hill here) or not so nice, as the case may be – most umbrellas don’t fold in evenly and you have to spend a good few minutes trying to tuck them neatly into your bag, as you step out of the rain and into your car or building. The struggle is real and the frustration of a dripping wet contraption can be unnerving.

Addressing this issue is the TAGIT Umbrella that folds neatly and snaps shut in a jiffy. Five seconds, to be precise. The result is a happy you, quickly folds and shuts your umbrella as you step into your dry space and out of the rains.

It’s not magic but the handy work of Smart-Patch technology and Teflon EcoElite. The Smart-Patch technology allows the umbrella to fold at the pleats and snap shut quickly thanks to the magnetic buckle. The Teflon EcoElite coating on the fabric of the umbrella, ensures that the water slides off quickly.

Designer: Alex Li

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TAGIT™ Umbrella

After use for storm or sun, TAGIT’s patent pending “TAGS” technology allows you to fold the umbrella and secure it in just a few seconds. The TAGIT umbrella would always be as tidy and perfect as the first time you open it.

Closer Into the Smart-Patch Tech

When collapsing the umbrella, the Smart-Patch will guide the umbrella to fold into a preset position.

By altering the parameters of the production equipment, the thickness and hardness of each patch can be different. Thus, the thickness and hardness of the whole patch is fully controllable and precisely in accordance with the values they set.

The significance of Smart-Patch technology lies in being able to control the reaction of each part of the umbrella when folded. With each specific design of the patch’s form, having the creases in different directions allow the contraction and expansion of the patch to be controlled with relative freedom. They can even specify the folding reaction sequence across the umbrella.

Magnetic Buckling System

They believe TAGIT’s magnetic buckling system is the best closing mechanism on the market, securing the umbrella to be clean, smooth, and hassle free.

Umbrella Fabric

Teflon EcoElite™ is the first renewably-sourced, non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water-repellency and is manufactured with 60% renewably-sourced raw materials. It overcomes the disadvantage that traditional Teflon may harm the environment.

TAGIT only requires two shakes and the raindrops are gone. You can simply put it in your bag or take it into the car without any hazitation.

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Click Here To Buy Now: $54 $87 (40% off).