Air purification concept uses drone system for bigger spaces

Whether we’re in a pandemic or at the tail end of it, it’s important that we’re breathing in good air even when we’re indoors. Air purification systems have become a necessity, especially for spaces where a lot of people go in and out. Sometimes though just one stationary purifier will not be enough, whether it’s a small place or a big one. What if you could have a couple of air purifiers that can go around the room and do the job?

Designer: Albert Rakhimzhanov

The idea behind the Ultro air purification system is to have something that can work both stationary and mobile. Basically, think of it as a combination of a drone and an air purifier. You can have it just clean the air surrounding it when it’s docked into the station. But if you release it from its docking mode and let it go mobile, it can go around the room and clean the air through its ultraviolet light power. The main purpose is of course to help prevent airborne diseases from going around and infecting the people in the room.

In case you have a phobia of blades hitting people, the device has a protective “diaphragm” that protects people from the blades but still lets it perform its function. The system looks like a mini satellite dish stand while the mobile drone looks like your typical drone. The body is made from aluminum while the legs are wooden. The rotors have a coaxial arrangement which makes it ideal for when the drone is in the station and it can perform its fan function. It can also serve as a floor lamp since there is an LED backlight on the edges.

Just like with an ordinary drone, you need to configure things on its accompanying smart app. In fact, the actual device only has one physical button (a configurable one) so everything else has to be done through the app. It can work on its own but if you have a bigger area like a hospital, school, or a public space, it’s ideal to have several stations in the area and the drone part can move in between these stations while it’s purifying the area around it.