Credit Card-shaped MagSafe Power Bank gives your iPhone a massive 5000mAh Battery Boost

Picture this, it’s summer, you’ve packed your bags and you’re heading on a Eurotrip (maybe for a nice holiday on the Amalfi coast or to see Taylor Swift perform). In true holiday fashion, you intend on spending the entire day out and about, exploring the city, but you realize an hour in that your phone’s already on 15% battery. You might have a charging cable in your pocket, but there isn’t a power socket in sight. Here’s where a MagSafe power bank just makes things much easier. Designed to simply snap onto the back of your phone and give it a battery boost, the TORRAS MiniMag is a compact power bank that’s no larger than a credit card. With its compact size, 0.3 inches thickness, and MagSafe compatibility, the MiniMag merely attaches onto your phone, giving it an extra 5000mAh battery so you can go about your day without worrying about being perpetually on ‘Battery Saver’, or worse, a completely drained battery.

Designer: TORRAS

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TORRAS MiniMag Power Bank & Ostand R

Convenience seems to define the MiniMag’s entire design approach. It’s compact enough to slide right into your pocket or laptop bag when not in use, with a form factor no larger than your average payments card. At 0.3-inches or 7.6 millimeters thick, it might not be slim enough to fit into your wallet, but it attaches to your phone without making it too bulky the way other power banks would. It weighs a minimal 4 ounces (113 grams) and has curved edges running throughout that lets you slide your phone into your pocket without the power bank snagging anywhere.

Card-sized Power Bank, Snap and Go!

Long-lasting Battery Life

The TORRAS MiniMag packs a 5000mAh battery, which practically doubles your iPhone’s battery capacity. Wireless MagSafe charging occurs at a standard 7.5W, and if you’re looking to go faster, plug it into your phone using a USB cable to get 18W of wired charging speeds. The MiniMag supports pass-through charging too, allowing you to basically charge the power bank as it wirelessly charges your phone, keeping your iPhone’s own charging port free for accessories or dongles.

Ostand R case: 360 Magnetic Rotatable Stand

The MiniMag comes with a matte anodized aluminum outer body, in either silver or pink. Although designed to be used independently, it pairs exceptionally well with TORRAS’ Ostand R case, which also gives your phone its own dedicated rotating kickstand. The Ostand R is practically a marvel of engineering, with a stand that sits flush against the case when closed, but opens to prop your phone up. It relies on a specially engineered hinge that’s 1.2mm (0.04 inches) thick, but can resist tens of thousands of folds, and can even hold its angle like a laptop hinge (while taking the weight of your phone). The ring even rotates independently to let you place your phone in either landscape or portait, and it does so with super-slim magnets inside that extend your phone’s MagSafe compatibility, whether it’s attaching accessories or mounts, or snapping on a wireless charger or power bank like the TORRAS MiniMag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $37.9 $49.99 ($12 off with coupon code “summer527”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!