Wav is a handsome desk tray that proudly puts your stationery on display

It’s too easy for clean and tidy desks to turn into a messy nightmare if things don’t have a proper place for them to call home. Desk organizers come in all shapes and sizes, though most of them take the form of trays or containers with drawers. There are a few exceptions, of course, such as pen holders that show only half of your writing implements or book stands that display some of your notes or reading materials. Granted, most of the time, you’d probably want your stationery to be out of sight and out of mind, which is why you’d want to stow them away in containers anyway. Sometimes, however, you probably want to flaunt your stuff and also have them within easy reach, so this desk organizer not only makes it possible to have the best of both worlds while also becoming something you’d want to show off as well.

Designer: Bao Loi

Keeping a desk tidy and presentable can be quite a challenge, which is probably why some people mentally freeze up when faced with the task. There are just so many ways to go, depending on the stationery, tools, and containers you have. There has also never been a shortage of accessories and organizers for that purpose, some with complicated gimmicks and fancy embellishments to stand out from the crowd.

The Wav, in contrast, is a simple single-piece wooden tray that uses its unique shape both for function and form. The inclined surfaces make sure that things only slide or roll on one side, and the angle they make with the crests stops them from actually falling off. With an open surface without borders, the Wav makes it easy to remove what’s on display and put them back again. No need to worry about pulling drawers, removing lids, or even guessing which section holds which items.

The curved troughs are perfect for stopping pens and pencils from rolling off, but the tray can really hold anything that fits its surfaces, from cards to keys to even a small remote control. It can’t hold everything, of course, but it lets you exercise your decision-making muscles in picking which things you need to be within arm’s reach all the time. There will always be plenty of things on your desk that need a place to stay, even for a little while, and the Wav offers a simple yet elegant abode for that purpose.

Even when empty, the tray doesn’t waste space since it also stands as a handsome desk decor. Made from real wood and finished with natural oil that gives it a slightly matte texture, the Wav desk tray stands as a proud example of how you don’t need to go overboard just to have a functional yet beautiful tool on your desk.