High Fashion MP3

So the fine folks at high fashion brand Vivienne Tam decided they needed something special for their 2009 VIP customers. So they spoke with the Kit Men. The Kit Men said hay let’s make some real “technology art” and whip up a really hot mp3 player with some sass. And so they did.

Really this is gorgeous. The red reflects one of the commonly strewn colors in the 2009 Vivienne Tam Spring collection. The shape “shows [the] beautiful organic form of a female’s body, which is sexy and appealing.” Of course this is part of a very objective project outline.

However this is lovely. It is a bit of exquisite design in technology normally only reserved for the mathematically perfect eyes and hands of the folks at Apple. But here it is. Like a lock of lipstick hair.

Very shiny and nice and exclusive.

Designer: Kit Men



Tam Special Edition MP3 Player for Vivienne Tam by Kit Men