Preserve or dry flowers in this frame-like device to add some floral magic to your interiors

Who doesn’t love looking at flowers? Most people will most likely give a sigh (even a silent one) whenever they see beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers. The sad thing though is that they often don’t last for a long time. Unless you have a constant supply of fresh ones readily available, you’ll probably have them for just a couple of days at most. If they’re real flowers, of course, they cannot last forever as that’s their very nature. But what if you could prolong it for a few days more?

Designers: Heejun Shin and Janchi

Flora is a concept for a flower refrigerator and dryer that can do just that. At most, cut flowers, even when you take care of them properly, can last for just a week. But with this concept, you can prolong it a bit longer because you’ll be able to control the temperature inside the device. And when you know that the lifespan of these flowers are about to end, you can also dry them in a controlled environment and preserve their memory to some extent and add to your decorations or even your journals.

The device basically looks like a picture frame where your flowers can stay a little while longer. The design is actually inspired by these frames as well as a mixture of smart speakers, refrigerators, and flower vases themselves. Each device has a flower vase inside where you can place your flowers for cooling. You can control the temperature between 6-18 degrees celsius. And when it’s time to dry the flowers, you just have to spin the Flora device upside down and use the drying vase to start the process.

The design is a simple frame with two types of pots to choose from, the regular flower pot an a drying pot. There are different vase designs as well. The device itself has some buttons at the top which you use to control things like the temperature, lighting, and drying. There’s also a monitor that will tell you what the temperature is like inside. This is a pretty interesting concept if you want your flowers preserved although you will be unable to stop and smell the flowers since they’re encased.