BOOF! Reading lamp lights up to embody the appearance of a house lit during the night

I have never fallen asleep reading with my face buried under the book, but I wouldn’t be lying when I say my chest has borne the weight.

Bookworms, graying their hair submerged in black on white would relate to what I’m saying, but for the Kindle age, the hardcover book may feel pre-historic. However, for the love of those who still ruffle through the pages for their smell and feel; we know reading is not a daily activity all the time. You can’t always sit with your favorite book during the day; sometimes, it’s beside the book lamp that we find refuge.

Designer: Eunae Ko and Janchi

Reading lamps are reckoned for the soft shades they shed on the pages, when the surrounding is dark. To elevate the pleasure of reading to a state when a book itself is the source of light, BOOF deserves a mention! Shaped like a house, the reading lamp basically comes on a metallic disk, but the fun is added when you put a book on top of its roof. BOOF, the lamp lights up, embodying the appearance of a house lit during the night.

The subtle light on the window and the ground floor of the house light up when the book is placed on top. Here, the triangular roof serves as a natural bookmark for the book you place on it. The light is soft and inspiring which will allow you to focus on the handwriting you’re flipping through in the pitch-dark ambiance of your room.

If you like to read in bed and your partner complains that your reading lamp disintegrates the bedroom décor, BOOF has the charisma to not look dubious to an eye for aesthetics. All the while being an enticing light for your bedtime reading sessions as you turn pages and toggle between books.