This Ultrahuman ‘metabolism-tracking’ ring may be the smallest consumer health and fitness wearable

After achieving incredible things with their subcutaneous glucose-tracking patch, health-tech start-up Ultrahuman is looking to augment our way of living with a wearable that literally fits around your finger.

The company shot to prominence with the M1, a simple patch you stuck on your arm that constantly monitored your blood glucose levels (CGM). Working somewhat like the glucose-testing kits used by diabetic patients, this little patch was capable of giving constant real-time feedback on your glucose levels. You could literally see them spike after eating a doughnut, and reduce after a moderate workout. The M1 was simply a stepping stone for the company, which holds much higher aspirations in the health-tech space. The Ultrahuman Ring is capable of tracking your metabolism and your health by relying on a bunch of sensors that detect movement, temperature, and heart rate.

Designers: Apoorv Shankar & Pranab Kumar

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Bolstered by an all-powerful app that can crunch all that data, the Ring gives you valuable sets of metrics, including your Movement Index, Sleep Index, Recovery Score, and Heart Rate Variability. In short, that’s just fancy-talk for seeing how your lifestyle and choices affect your health, giving you insights to make better choices down the road. Make the right choices and you can literally measure your progress. Stray off the path and the Ring gently nudges you back by letting you see your scores plateau off. Combined with the M1 patch, the Ring gives you insights into your health that no other product or tech ecosystem provides. No, not even your bleeding-edge smartwatch.

Movement Index – The movement index has been formulated to help you understand your overall energy expenditure. The score is based on metabolic equivalent (METs) and depends on how much you move throughout the day rather than just your workout for a specific duration during the day.

Sleep Index – The sleep index is formulated to help you understand the different sleep stages such as Deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and being Awake.

Recovery Score – Get an understanding of your body’s current state with the recovery score; this acts as an index for your body. It is based on a combination of biometrics such as HRV, Heart Rate, and Body Temperature throughout the day to help you understand various body signals better.

The Ultrahuman Ring is a rather slick-looking device that fits onto your finger, with a design that’s edgy and minimalist. Designed to look less like a wearable and more like a piece of jewelry, the Ring comes with a tungsten-carbide-coated titanium outer shell that boasts of a beautiful metallic finish, under which lie the Ring’s electronics, embedded in a hypoallergenic resin. This effectively makes the Ring durable, comfortable, and water-resistant up to 7 feet. The tungsten-carbide coating on the outside is 5-times harder than tool steel (the kind used in workshop equipment), making your Ring practically impervious to scratches and dents.

Heart Rate Tracking, Sleep Tracking and Movement Tracking.

Underneath its small fruit-loop-sized exterior lies some impressive tech. The Ring comes with a 6-axis motion sensor, a non-contact temperature sensor, a PPG sensor that detects heat rate, a Bluetooth Low Energy 5 module, and a battery that gives the Ring almost a week’s worth of usage on a full charge (although you may want to charge it during the day so it can perform sleep-tracking at night).

The Ring sends data to its companion smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS), which then crunches the numbers and presents you with insights on how to better plan your life for better health, sleep, and recovery. The magic lies in the fact that you get to see your metabolism stats in real-time, being able to compare them to stats of the past. This effectively allows you to understand your body’s nutritional requirements, sleep needs, and exercise limits, giving you much more insightful control over your health.

The Ultrahuman Ring comes in 7 different sizes, ranging from a US 6 to a US 12, and the company even plans on sending backers a sizing kit to help them choose the right size and fit before actually shipping them the hardware. Along with the size, backers also get to choose the color of their Ring, which is available in Cyber Grey, Bionic Gold, Aster Black, and Space Silver. You also get a wireless charging dock to help replenish the ring’s battery every 4-6 days. The Ultrahuman Ring starts at $212, with global shipping beginning in January 2023… just in time for those New Year fitness resolutions!

Click Here to Buy Now: $223 $299 (30% off). Hurry, only 285/500 left! Raised over $500,000.