Gaming controller with detachable module that doubles as a VR input controller

Talk of gaming controllers for PC, gaming consoles or smartphones and you’ll be literally spoilt for choices. The options on the market are built to satisfy every gamers’ needs without much fuzz.

Now with the growing trend of VR and AR applications, gamers are also open to trying out games in immersive reality. This calls for a gaming accessory that is equally good when playing the contemporary way in front of the TV screen or when exploring open worlds in VR.

Designer: Yifeeling Design

This is Game Start gaming controller designed to primarily address the bulky design of current generation controllers. The goal is to make the essential gaming accessory portable enough not to occupy much space. Finally, the concept takes shape with split of the basic functions on the handle. This separates the controller into two modules – one of them being useful for virtual reality gaming applications like the HTC Vive or Meta Quest. The other one can be used independently for titles that don’t require the left-handed joystick.

The lock mechanism on the back of the controller can be unlatched, and the stick-like module detached. For portability, it can be folded down to half the size to fit inside your pocket. The batteries on the controller slot-in on the right-hand section and the buttons are optimally placed for ergonomic playing comfort. The only reservation I’ve got from Yifeeling Design is a bland aesthetic near the bottom which will hurt the hands during long sessions of play.

There’s a digital screen on the top to display the battery levels, currently selected profiles or other in-game info. To how much degree can the informative display be customized is left to my imagination for now. The controller is draped in an Xbox-like color scheme.