This downsized bike camper is fully off-grid, completely sustainable mode of transport for solo wanderers

Fold-out camping modules for the back of a truck are a common sight. Some of us downsizing fanatics may have already tasted the waters. But camping trailers are not for everyone. If you are a solo traveler, you need a compact solution that can put you behind the pedal and take you a few miles to the middle of nowhere and get you back home after a satisfactory weekend with yourself.

For the love of everyone still reading this, the GoLo electric cargo bike has been retrofitted by Flevobike Technology with a fold-out camping module. It renders a single-seat mobility solution with a place to hop into at the end of the journey for a relaxed time. Dubbed “the best camper in the world,” the GoCamp is a bike camper with a removable top for overnight halts that offers (quite literally) the comfort of home for one person.

Designer: Flevobike Technology and GoLo electric bike

The cargo bike GoLo is essentially a viable ride, combining comfort with functionality and convenience, therefore a convenient canvas set up on the cargo bed offers independence to the traveling cyclist when they want to relax and unwind. The pop-up module extends to make enough space for a couple to sit. It is slightly cramped for two to sleep in there. On the inside, you get enough storage space for gear and accessories, a fold-down table (usable as a workstation and for dining), and seating for two, which can be laid flat to convert the living space into a bedroom for the night.

The nicely ventilated GoCamp comes with a 60W fridge inside and a drawer in the lower section of the bike for a spare wheel and other spares. Designed to never let you worry about working from anywhere, the GoCamp is pre-installed with a 400-W solar panel system on the roof and side panels of the fold-out module and offers USB, 12V, and a 220V outlet on the inside. The bike camper runs on a 250W electric motor promising 50 km mileage. The pictures of the GoCamp you see here are the initial prototypes; as of now, there is no word on when the bike camper will go into production and how much of a hole it will burn in our pockets. Until we hear something on this, you ride tight on your bikes!