Meet Laer, the sleeve that charges your laptop

The laptop, for the most part, is portable… until you’re out of juice. Then you’re tethered to the nearest plug point for easily another hour or two while your laptop battery replenishes itself. So what if your laptop had a power-bank if its own? It’d have to be pretty big because you’d need a rather powerful external battery to power a laptop… which shouldn’t be a problem if that power bank were integrated into your laptop carrying case.

Meet the Laer, a laptop sleeve with a built-in battery powerful enough to charge your laptop as well as your tablet and phone… simultaneously. Laer eliminates the need to carry chargers, power bricks, and cables by integrating everything you need into its slim profile. Designed to act as a sleeve for a laptop, the Laer comes with an in-built battery pack, cables, and adapters too, letting you charge your laptop as you work. The tough case doubles up as a stand too, allowing you to rest your laptop directly on it, as the Laer juices your laptop.

The Laer tows a fine balance between looking like a sleek carrying case, and being an external charger for your laptop. It comes with a padded nylon fabric construction plus a magnetic closure and a flat, cuboidal design. Made just for your laptop, the Laer doesn’t need you to carry anything else. No chargers or charging cables required, Laer has two batteries on the inside (one 10,000mAh and one 20,000mAh) letting it charge not just your laptop but ALL your devices together. It even comes built with its own integrated wireless charging pad for your smartphone.

Designed to be compact and convenient, the Laer solves two problems within two different categories, but in one product. Not only does it serve as a stylish bag for your laptop, it also gives you the power to work longer hours wherever you are, without the need for a charger or a charging point. Plus, sweeten the deal with an in-built GPS tracker that can keep tabs on where the Laer is, and you’ve got the perfect laptop sleeve ever made!

Designer: Romaine Pascal (ARROE)

Click Here to Buy Now: $200 $150







Click Here to Buy Now: $200 $150