Twelve South’s iPhone 14 Pro case + wallet disguises your smartphone as a vintage hardbound book!

Created as the latest edition in Twelve South’s Book Book series, this variant for the iPhone 14 Pro comes with a rather quirky-looking hardbound book design, complete with a detailed spine, a built-in wallet with space for cash and 4 cards, and a magnetic docking system that lets you detach your iPhone when you want, so you’re not stuck with a relatively bulky-looking book all the time! It’s perfect for people with a sense of whimsy, and who like the idea of having a bifold-style iPhone cover with a built-in wallet. Think of it as the perfect Halloween costume for your iPhone 14 Pro…

Designer: Twelve South

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The Book Book for the iPhone 14 Pro isn’t for everyone… but if spotted on a table, I guarantee people will want to have a second and third look. Designed to look almost like a tiny pocket-Bible, the Book Book has this wonderful vintage hardbound finish with metallic text and motifs, and even distressed leather that makes the ‘book’ look old and weathered. However, underneath its antiquated exterior lies Apple’s most cutting-edge iPhone yet.

The Book Book doubles as an iPhone cover-case as well as a wallet, giving you all your essentials in the palm of your hand. Unlike the MagSafe wallet which holds a mere 2 cards, the Book Book holds 4 as well as a few banknotes. The cards and cash stay hidden from view, and can be accessed whenever needed. Moreover, just the idea of having your iPhone disguised as an old book ensures that it’s less likely to be flicked while kept on the table.

Although a little clunky to look at and hold, the Book Book comes with a detachable design that lets you ‘unplug’ your iPhone when you need to take calls, tap for Apple Pay, or when you just want to use your phone without all that excess weight. Using a magnetic fixture, you can snap the iPhone on the case and pull it off on command, giving you an experience that lets you rightfully choose between ‘feature-laden’ and slick. Don’t want to carry all those cards with you? Just pop the iPhone off and carry it independently. The Book Book comes with its own sleek iPhone case that will still protect your smartphone from accidental drops and scratches. Rather neat, eh?

The Book Book for iPhone 14 Pro comes in two styles – a black hardbound, and a tan/brown hardbound. Both styles come with different artwork on the spine, giving them their own distinct flavor. The ‘books’ are both made from premium leather, with suede interiors to protect your phone from scratches and scuffs. The case for the iPhone is MagSafe compatible, allowing you to charge your iPhone simply by popping it out of the Book Book leather cover and snapping a MagSafe charger on the back. When you’re done charging, the case snaps back into the Book Book, completing the experience and giving you your phone and wallet all in one convenient place. The Book Book by Twelve South is available for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, as well as the 14 Pro Max.

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