This smart tape measure comes with a digital display and can turn measurements into spreadsheets

With the ability to display completely accurate measurements in metric, imperial, and even fractional units, the DataPro 25 is an incredibly handy piece of hardware for engineers, plumbers, architects, DIY home enthusiasts, and anyone who measures spaces and objects for a living. Moreover, with the touch of a button, the tape measure broadcasts the exact measurement to its companion smartphone app, which lets you log readings into a spreadsheet. Welcome to the future.

Designers: Jim Clark & Stephen Crane

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Sort of a hybrid between your regular tape measure and a nifty calculator, the DataPro 25 gives you the best of both worlds. It’s as compact as the tape measure you’re used to, and is designed to be operated the same way (so there’s absolutely no learning curve)… however, a presence of a seven-segment LCD display on the top (with buttons on the side) gives it a significant upgrade, and Bluetooth connectivity quite literally changes the entire game.

This isn’t the first a tape measure’s gotten a digital screen, although it is the first tape measure to also have the ability to broadcast exact measurements to your smart devices via Bluetooth. You use the DataPro 25 the way you’d use a normal tape measure – simply pull the tape out and place it against the length of an object or a surface. Although, instead of staring at the tape to see what the measurement reading is, the DataPro 25 gives it to you with sheer precision.

The screen displays the exact measurement you need in metric units or even in imperial ones… and unlike your regular tape measure, you can even view the measurement in decimal or fractional styles. For measuring between two facing surfaces, such as within window or door frames, the DataPro 25’s ‘inside measure’ feature automatically adds the width of the tape measure body to your final measurement. No more needing to flex or bend the tape to get the right measurement!

The DataPro 25’s new Bluetooth ability, however, is being touted as a total game-changer. Now with the ability to easily send your measurements to an app, the DataPro 25 eliminates any sort of human error. Instead of reading the measurement, noting it down, making conversions, and then sharing the data with someone, the DP25 does it with a simple push of a button. Sure, you could read measurements on the digital display (removing any chances of visual/parallax error) and then note them down, but you don’t need to anymore. Simply installing the DataPro 25’s companion app on your phone or tablet (or software for your computer) allows you to save measurements and even input them into spreadsheets that can prove to be incredibly handy and time-saving later down the line.

The tape measure is just one of those objects you end up taking for granted. Given that it’s been used for decades now, there’s little impetus to change it, but the DataPro 25 definitely takes that charge. By introducing tech (in a thoughtful, actionable way), the DP25 streamlines the measuring process without complicating things, ensuring that anyone and everyone can use it easily, without any chances of human error!

Click Here to Buy Now: $66 $110 (40% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.