This pendant lamp can be arranged in almost random ways like a pile of pommes frites

There are a variety of lamp designs these days appealing to an equally varied number of needs and aesthetic tastes. This is especially true with pendant lights that are, more often than not, designed to stand out as decorative pieces as much as they are lighting fixtures. In exchange for these beautiful designs, many of these lamps have more or less fixed forms and functions. At most, some of them can only change the intensity of their light, and only a few can actually change the direction they point at. Providing that kind of flexibility while still looking attractive might be a bit difficult to pull off, but it’s not impossible. Especially if you apply some unconventional thinking that can turn bars of light into something that almost looks like a floating ball of French fries.

Designer: Huan-Rou Chang

Of course, the greasy fast food isn’t the inspiration for this “configurable art decor” cum functional lighting, but it’s almost too easy to associate the interconnecting lines with the seemingly random sticks of potatoes. Especially when those lines come in shimmering gold like the golden yellow crisps sparkling in oil. Whether you see it as a subtle homage to pommes frites or as a true work of art, it’s hard to deny that the KONNECT pendant lamp will catch your attention.

The starting form of the KONNECT isn’t that exciting, though. It’s actually a group of four LED panels in the shape of trapezoidal prisms grouped in pairs on different heights. The choice of geometry wasn’t based solely on aesthetics, as the trapezoid is both an interesting shape as well as something that can be produced from one-piece molding. This helps achieve the design’s freedom from screws, making the overall design look more seamless.

The real magic happens when you start turning each of these panels in different directions. The lights are actually powered through a wireless connection, allowing them freedom of movement without having to worry about wires. Each light can rotate along one axis, while each pair can turn around sideways. Different combinations with other pairs can yield even more interesting arrangements that, while less flexible, can be better suited to meet the needs of rooms like offices or dining areas.

The ability to move those LED bars isn’t just for looks, though. It allows owners to change the direction of light, whether opting for direct or indirect illumination, as the situation warrants. Along with the ability to dim each light, KONNECT introduces an interesting way to combine lighting and art just by using a few short lines arranged neatly or chaotically as one’s heart desires.