Organic Form, Architectural Structure

Operating structurally like large cradles, the Phil lamp and coffee table by Ignacio Garcia are sure to be attention grabbers in any living space. The lamp’s geometric exterior delicately envelops the light adding softness and casting symmetrical shadows to the surround space while the coffee table’s balanced proportions and soft lines merge nicely with the rigid glass surface.

Designer: Ignacio Garcia


  • Melchior says:

    For some reason they feel very vintage..

  • Yehoshua says:

    The lamp looks like some alien sneaked into your house and stuck itself to the cieling.

  • Mike Barnard says:

    I did a lot of design work on this kind of thing a few years ago — literally dozens of 3d models of furniture — and these ideas surpass anything I came up with. Well done!


  • delo says:

    organic forms are may be the future of design.

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