This delicately designed ceiling light looks like it’s floating in mid-air

Sandwiched between two metal structures that measure a whopping 10 feet when combined, the Aria is a lighting solution that puts emphasis on the term ‘light’. It looks almost like it’s floating in mid-air, with the three light spheres suspended between the metal structures almost like they’re frozen in time. There’s immense visual tension in the light because you expect the glowing orbs to roll around on their metal rails… but that visual tension is left unresolved, and that’s what makes Aria so interesting!

Designer: Gabriela Saadia

A winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award, Aria combines lighting with the delicate beauty of visual imbalance. The lighting solution, designed to look minimal yet expressive, comes with three glowing orbs held in place by two curved metal structures. The orbs stay suspended in the middle, balancing out the structure both visually and by weight, and the lack of any perceivable electrical wires leading directly to the lights really make it fascinating to people who observe it!

“Aria is made of a 1-inch rolled steel tube that is powder-coated in copper and three white acrylic sphere diffusers. Its construction magic is imperceptible to the naked eye — everything happens inside the acrylic spheres”, designer Gabriela Saadia told Yanko Design. The same structure that holds the lamp together also holds the light source, which consists of three LED lightbulbs. The entire structure remains suspended by two metal cables, and can be adjusted to any size or even easily disassembled for transportation.