The Fixture S1 gives your Nintendo Switch an ergonomic pro-controller and prop-stand!

Self-proclaimed fans of ‘universal design’ Austin and Craig set out to give the Nintendo Switch a more ergonomic controller. The Fixture S1 is the fruit of many months of labor behind trying to make the world’s most popular portable console a bit more comfortably ergonomic. Designed to fit well around the contour of your palms, the Fixture S1 feels more like a true-blue controller, giving you the experience of a Playstation or Xbox in a portable format. Dock the Switch screen in the S1’s grip and you’re ready to go. The S1 feels less like a portable gamepad and more like a pro controller. Its ergonomic design allows you to game for hours, and considering how portable the Switch is, you can spend your entire subway, train, or flight journey playing your favorite Switch titles with the comfort of an ergonomic pro controller.

The S1 is that, and much more too. Its folding grip for the Switch allows you to angle-adjust the screen to prevent neck or wrist strain, while the Screen-mount’s folding design lets you achieve perfect balance, for hours of stress-free gaming. Moreover, the S1’s mount is detachable from the controller too, allowing you to achieve ‘tabletop mode’, where the screen stands on any flat surface like a mini desktop monitor, letting you game in ways never imagined before. When you’re done, the S1 folds right up, making it easy to carry around… a feature that every Switch user will definitely appreciate. The Fixture S1 brings elements of pro gaming to an otherwise great console. Building on the Nintendo Switch’s strengths, the S1 actually encourages longer gaming, thanks to its ergonomic build… now tell me, isn’t that a good thing??

Designers: Austin Stark & Craig Ovans

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Fixture S1: Play Nintendo Switch with your Pro Controller Anywhere

Created by gamers for gamers, the Fixture S1 connects your Switch to your Pro Controller for comfortable, precise play on the go.

Fixture S1 is designed to allow the user to hold the Pro Controller naturally with the proper weight balance no matter what position they were in, sitting, standing or lying down.

Existing controller mount designs have placed the weight of the screen at the back of the controller, causing uncomfortable torque on the user’s wrists. Fixture S1 is adjustable so the center of mass is balanced over your hands and there is no movement or torque on your wrist.

Why Do You Need Fixture S1

When holding the Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons, most users will have about a 45 degree bend in the elbows, requiring nearly full biceps contraction. This also forces external rotation of the wrists.

When playing with the Fixture S1, it is very natural to rest your arms on your lap while still maintaining a good viewing angle. Even when not resting the arms, the degree to which the user must bend the elbows is significantly less, since the screen is mounted above the controller.

The level of biceps contraction is therefore at a more maximal efficiency due to higher percentage of muscle sarcomere overlap. It also circumvents the common tendency to prop the elbow upright on a surface, which can cause compression of the ulnar nerve and lead to numbness in the hands.

Fixture S1 also works as a stand, much better than the flimsy kick stand. It allows space under the Switch so it can be charged, and the screen angle can be adjusted. This feature is great for multiplayer gaming.

Different Modes of Fixture S1

Tabletop Mode – Fixture S1 can stand on any surface in tabletop mode, ensuring stability and allowing multi-player gaming anywhere. It is great for playing with friends or when sitting on table or on an airplane.

Play and Charge – Get access to charging port in both mounted and tabletop modes.

Adjustable and Compact – Built with two friction hinges for multi-axis adjustability, Fixture S1 feels stable in any position. The hinges also allow it to fold down compactly on the go.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $45 (13% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!