“Newtro” beam projector gives off old-school, minimalist aesthetic

If you didn’t know it yet, there is a growing segment in South Korean society called Generation MZ which is a catch-all term for anything that is beloved by younger millennials and Gen Z-ers. So basically these are things that people in the 80s and the current generation agree on. A lot of these segments are also into the “newtro” or modernized retro things. So any product that wants to target them will have to make old things new again, and in the process, even the older generations become interested.

Designer: YU ID

muTurn is one such product concept that wants to encompass the idea of “newtro” and also other things like nostalgia, minimalism, and media multi-functionality. It is a beam projector and Bluetooth speaker in one that wants to give off classic vibes with its design. There is a spinning disc effect that rotates whenever you’re projecting something onto your all which brings back memories of old-school film projectors. It’s really more of a design thing than an actual rotating film but it gives you the desired effect.

The effect can also serve as a mood light in case you need additional lighting while viewing whatever it is you’re projecting or just to add some light to the room. The volume control on the projector also uses some old-school mechanisms but hopefully should work like a regular volume control should. The remote control meanwhile can serve also as a modular Bluetooth speaker for the video’s three-dimensional audio needs as it comes with a built-in cradle or stand.

The muTurn beam projector has a minimalist and old-school design so even if you’r not using it to project anything, you get a piece of decorative accessories to fit your newtro aesthetic. This is a concept that I’d definitely like to see in action.