Polestar-inspired skateboard with carbon fiber body & translucent aesthetics is made for Gen-Z

Thanks to its versatility, the electric skateboard has become an important personal commuter in urban settings. There are countless electric skateboard options out there that score well for their top speed, load capacity, or the kind of material used. The ones by Backfire, Swagtron, Meepo, or Skatebolt. But the prospect of a Polestar branded skateboard brings a new dimension to the equation.

The inspiration for this concept comes from the many concept skateboard designs that have their own USP. Since Polestar is the rising star in the EV car market with a 125 percent rise in electric car sales in the first half of 2022, the concept artist’s association of the skateboard with the brand makes complete sense.

Designer: Cheng Han Lin

As per Cheng, the project is personal work and teaching – made as an example for the design workshop at Tatung University 2022. The core idea is to teach the students how to visualize a concept design with 3D modeling.

The electric skateboard gets a lightweight carbon frame in matte colors with contrasting wheels and a platform with perforations for a better grip with any pair of shoes. This will interest skateboarders who like to perform a lot of tricks. Underneath lies the battery which provides the assisted power on inclines or difficult terrain. While the skateboard deck carries a minimalist look, the rear has all multiple ports for charging like the lightning port and USB.

What kind of runtime one can expect from the skateboard is cloaked in mystery, but then, this is just a concept. As seen in some of the renders, the skateboard gives off a translucent vibe which will attract Gen-Z users. Whether it can compete with options like the Behemoth’s all-terrain e-board is unclear, but assessing the ride height and other design cues, this one is tailored for the metropolis.